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Invest in a method that not only promises, but also delivers.

Frank Peters & Karin Bosman

Because no organization is the same, our method offers the ability and flexibility to seamlessly fit the unique needs of your organization. Sustainable, longer-term improvements are achieved by encouraging a culture of continuous learning. Our approach focuses on prevention, addressing and learning: a comprehensive approach to ensuring a safe and respectful work environment.

What does it entail?

Prevention - The foundation

At the core of our method is prevention. We believe in creating a culture where undesirable behavior has no chance to fester. This starts with raising awareness and proactively highlighting policies that encourage respect and integrity. Our approach is not based on excessive measurement, but on encouraging a healthy culture from the very beginning.

With this method, you shift from a reactive approach to a proactive approach, which prevents prevention interventions from being hindered (sabotaged).

As a result, it provides organizations with not only the necessary knowledge, but also the action repertoire to break the silence on this difficult topic. This approach not only helps reduce the consequential damage of transgressive behavior, such as work-related stress, but also aims to reduce the annual cost to employers of over 3 billion euros.

This book is a valuable resource for entrepreneurs, CEO's and HR professionals who want to actively address undesirable behavior and make improvements in their own organizations. It offers practical insights and concrete steps to effect positive change and promote a safe and healthy work environment.

Mariëtte Hamer, photo: ANP

"Silence leads to an environment where transgressive behavior can arise, can thrive, where nothing is done to protect people. But doing nothing is not an option. And with the action perspective offered in this book, there is no longer an excuse for that either. So stop the silence and start talking!"

Quote from preface Stop het zwijgen by Mariëtte Hamer, Government commissioner on sexual transgressive behavior and sexual violence

Addressing - Fast and targeted

When undesirable behavior occurs, it is important to respond quickly and effectively. With our method, we offer flexibility in addressing undesirable behavior. We adapt our approach to the specific needs of your organization.

Of course, with this method, Report App complies with all applicable legal requirements and more. We understand that every situation is unique, so our method offers individual support and guidance for all parties.

Learning - Continuous for durable results

Continuous learning is the backbone of a healthy work culture. With the deployment of our method, reflection and evaluation is encouraged in the organization at every level.

This does not mean directly measuring every aspect, but rather encouraging a learning culture where feedback is embraced, and continuous improvement is achieved. Our platform ensures that every voice is heard, where respect and integrity are the norm and where silence is definitively broken.

"Stop het zwijgen": Advices for preventing and addressing transgressive behavior in organizations.