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Create a safe work environment in which you can discuss behavior.  

Give your organization a voice with the independent Report App platform. Communicate, (re)connect and create a positive culture.

They already work with Report App.

Draw a line before it's crossed.

Undesirable behavior has a huge impact. On your people, but also on your organization. Report App makes employees think about their (own) behavior in the workplace in an inspiring and motivating way and encourages trust, mutual respect and understanding.

It helps in stating personal boundaries and discussing behaviors that are perceived as undesirable.Together, we build a culture where employees feel heard and supported, without fear of possible consequences.

Confidential advisors are approachable via the app for support and advice, and organizations gain insight into what is going on so that action can be taken at an early stage.

Since 2015, we have been helping organizations with creating an environment of trust. And to keep it that way.

Discover how to prevent undesirable behavior and how to stimulate engagement with Report App.

Independent environment for employees.

To gain knowledge, share concerns and learn to discuss undesirable behavior.

Tailor-made for your

Equipped with its own code of conduct, relevant examples, and attention to specific risk factors.
Live data dashboard for employers

Learn what's going on by understanding anonymous data and statistics, allowing you to anticipate rather than react.

The Report App method.

With Report App, we are committed to preventing, addressing, and learning from undesirable behavior. Encouraging open and honest dialogue not only allows you to prevent the escalation of problems, but it leads us to a truly shared vision and solution. 

Because no organization is the same, our method offers the opportunity and flexibility to seamlessly fit your organization's unique needs. Karin Bosman, the founder of Report App, has brought together all her knowledge and experience in her book Stop het Zwijgen (Stop the Silence), which she wrote together with reputation strategist Frank Peters.

A practical handbook full of advice about this method and the basis on which our platform is built. Stopping the silence about behavior that is perceived as undesirable offers a springboard to a safe working environment, in which the entire organization must be involved.

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