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An app for a positive and healthy work environment.

We believe in creating a culture where undesirable behavior doesn't stand a chance. That starts with raising awareness and proactively highlighting policies that encourage respect, understanding and open communication, and that involve everyone in the organization.

Through the app, employees have 24/7 access to the platform. Through insight into anonymous data and statistics, the organization learns what is going on, in order to anticipate at any time.

This is the Report App.

A safe, independent environment for employees

Gain knowledge, share concerns and learn to discuss undesirable behavior.

Live data dashboard and statistics

Understanding anonymous data and statistics gives the organization a finger on the pulse and teaches you what's going on, allowing you to anticipate rather than react.

Compliant with the "Wet Bescherming Klokkenluiders"

The Whistleblower module makes your organization compliant according to the "Wet Bescherming Klokkenluiders" (Wbk).

Easy access to internal and/or external confidential advisors

By starting the conversation with a confidential advisor at an early stage, escalation can be prevented.

Tailor-made for your organization 

Furnished with relevant examples and attention to specific risk factors. Find the code of conduct, policies and other documents the organization already has in one place in the app.

Report App helps employers, employees and confidential advisors.

For employers

A healthy work environment with resilient employees, preventing absenteeism and turnover due to undesirable behavior.

For employees

Learn to recognize and discuss undesirable behavior in a safe, independent environment and start an accessible conversation with a confidant if necessary.

For confidential advisors

Introduce yourself in a video and make yourself visible in the organization via Report App, making contact easy.

The unique Report App features.

Independent and up-to-date information about behavior and everything related to it.


  • Informing employees independently
  • Current and relevant information tailored to your organization and target group(s)
  • Shareable from within your organization and Report App
  • Storytelling by the means of podcasts and video’s

Starting a conversation with a confidential advisor or reporting a misconduct.


  • Start a low-threshold conversation with a confidential advisor of your choice
  • Whistleblower module for reporting integrity violations according to the Wbk
  • Personal logbook for documenting experiences
  • Extra secured with pin code

Have access to anonymous data and statistics and upload content.


  • Anonymous data and statistics give insight into what is going on at any time
  • Makes a valuable contribution to the prevention policy
  • Upload function for sharing (new) content
  • Send push notifications to alert employees to new content
  • Strict data encryption and privacy protection and data completely separated and secured

Educate employees or collect anonymous insights within your organization.


  • E-learning module for interactive training and keeping knowledge up to date
  • Easy to create and deploy via the Report App
  • Survey module to easily conduct a short survey
  • Gather valuable and anonymous insights within your organization

Report App: Creating a safe work environments since 2015

Preventing escalations together and building a respectful work environment that allows employees to develop safely.

Send a distress signal to a hotline chosen by the organization.


  • Send a GPS emergency signal at the touch of a button to a hotline chosen by the organization, for employees in high-risk situations
  • Immediate assistance with potentially escalating threatening situations
  • Assignable down to the individual

Keep employees up to date with recent content.


  • Alerting employees to the latest content in the app and the latest social safety developments
  • Generating traffic to the app and creating engagement

Dashboard for confidential advisors for safe documentation.


  • Dashboard for confidential advisors in which they can document within an independent environment, secured by 2FA (The Safe)
  • Available to every confidential advisor, both internal and external
  • Keep track of requests for meetings
  • Provide requested or unsolicited advice to management and HR using our anonymized statistics
They already work with Report App.