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Pioneers in the creation of a positive work environment.

Karin Bosman

Since 2015, we have been working towards our mission: a safe working, sports, and learning environment where transgressive behavior does not occur. This starts with prevention. Report App makes behavior that is perceived as undesirable discussable and thus helps prevent escalation.

We let users reflect on their (own) behavior in an inspiring way and the combination of information and reflection leads to mutual respect and understanding.
Together we build a culture of trust, in which employees feel heard and supported, without fear of possible consequences.

Driven by knowledge and experience.

Report App was devised and founded by Karin Bosman. When she had a personal experience with long-term sexual harassment by her then-employer in 2013, she was completely out of it and her self-confidence and self-esteem disappeared. After a difficult road, she managed to break the vicious cycle and take it to court. Although her boss is declared guilty, the verdict is only an admonishment. A big disappointment.

Like no other Karin knows how difficult it can be to discuss undesirable behavior and to be able to talk to someone in an independent and safe way when necessary. To organize her experiences and tell the people around her what happened to her during that period, she writes the book "Spitting on Hans' toasty." She completes a study in the U.S. on Social Safety and Psychosocial Workload, does years of research, collects data on a large scale and in 2019 develops the independent platform Report App, based on the idea that everyone should be able to access information and share concerns in a safe way.

Since 2015, Karin has been traveling around the world advising organizations and SHRM (Society for Human Resource Management), among others, on prevention policies and creating awareness. For this she uses her unique mix of communication and legal knowledge and personal experience. 

She released a management book she wrote together with reputation strategist Frank Peters: "Stop het zwijgen" (Stop the silence). A practical handbook full of advice on preventing, addressing, and learning from undesirable behavior.

Meet our driven team.

Karin Bosman


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