Draw a line
before it’s crossed

Report App helps organizations to determine and secure personal and professional boundaries.

Make a difference
contribute to a healthier workplace

Every organization should provide a safe and healthy work environment. Despite this fact, 100 million employees in Europe have to deal with integrity violations and unwanted behavior on a yearly basis. The consequent psychosocial workload costs employers 150 billion Euros. By clearly defining and securing what professional behavior entails, Report App helps your organization address this global issue.

0 million

Cases of psychosocial workload result in…

0 billion

…Euros of additional costs for employers annually.

Create resilience
with the provision of information

Report App informs employees and employers about integrity and behavior in an inspiring and encouraging way. It teaches them how to deal with difficult situations at the workplace.

The combination of information and self-reflection creates mutual respect and understanding, and minimizes transgressive behavior. At the same time it helps employees and employers to become more resilient in case they experience unwanted manners.


Sexual Harassment

What is sexual harassment and how could you define the complexity of the grey area.


Learn how to deal with aggression and violence at the workplace and in other situations.


Get a better understanding of discrimination and how you and bystanders can respond.


Acquire the skills to recognize bullying and understand how it influences the working atmosphere.

Prevent escalation
start the conversation

Employees often find it difficult to cope with transgressive behavior and integrity issues. Am I exaggerating? Doesn’t it make the situation worse if I file a complaint? What happens after I file my report? 

The way you set your boundaries can play an vital role in how others interact with you. By respectfully setting your boundaries you ensure the situation changes without an unpleasant aftermath. Besides this, it is as important to respect the boundaries of others.

Report App provides advice and support. It makes reporting accessible, which prevents avoidable escalations.

Key features


Provide immediate assistance in cases of potential escalation in threatening situations. 


Offer your employees the possibility to file an internal or external informal report. 


Give all employees access to the policies of the organization at all times. 


Create awareness with our inspiring podcasts and keep your organization informed.


Identify patterns of unwanted behavior by offering the ability to keep a personal log. 

Training & certification

Increase knowledge of confidential advisers and employees on topics related to unwanted behavior.

Data dashboard

Reports filed through the Report App will be displayed in a dashboard. The overview provided here can be easily processed by internal or external confidential advisers.

All data will be anonymized, gathered and categorized. This information can help identify bottlenecks and contributes to the prevention policy of the organization. 


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