Why Report App

The obligation for the Labor law to have a Risk Inventory and Evaluation is still not well complied in every organization. For state secretary van Ark of the Netherlands this is the reason to increase the penalty for these organizations that ignore their duty of care as an employer. Not having an action plan will be punished with a fine of € 3.000, – instead of € 750, -.

Within this action plan, a pro-active approach of tackling unwanted behavior in the workplace is required. Organizations should not wait, and make sure they have their policies actively implemented to protect employees and the corporate image. To ensure no complaint will fall between two stools, your action plan is preventive and accurate and all employees will be informed and instructed

Report App makes sure that every employee has 24/7 access to:

The company’s policies and procedures, with the advice to make it available in every corporate language. Knowledge about unwanted manners; a. forms of unwanted behavior in the workplace, b. what does this behavior look like, c. what if I experience behavior as unwanted which is not mentioned within the professional boundaries by the organization, d. what does the grey area mean – that I should not make such a fuss about it

In short, information that contributes to vital employees who are physical and emotional balanced and able to handle unwanted behavior in the workplace.

Visibility of support; counselors, HR, labor professionals and welfare people can introduce themselves within the app. This can be done with a written statement, but also with a video where he/she can explain what his/her role is within the support of the organization in the app. This is crucial in the approach of unwanted manners and is seen as one of the reasons for not reporting unwanted behavior in the workplace.

Anonymized statistics of the filed reports within the organization, these are updated automatically. Herewith it is revealed when unwanted behavior took place, what forms, etc. These figures are live accessible so direct action can be taken whenever a problem arises. We create de-escalation and less absenteeism by responding directly towards reports of unwanted behavior.

A personal private account; every employer, employee and counselor have their own account with a secured login for the Report App. The data is secured with the highest European ISO security norms. Report App is secured like a banking app.

A logbook and filing a report; this is very simple within the app and at the time the reporter feels safe to do so. A report can also been done with use of voice recording when writing is difficult or is inconvenient.

Next to the current features of the app, Report App offers other possibilities whereby the app is used as an information and measuring instrument for the company / sector.

Why the Report App? Very simple, because the app is indispensable when it comes to the action plan and encouraging employees to take their shared responsibility in the approach of unwanted behavior in the workplace.

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