Report App helps organizations to set and safeguard personal and professional boundaries among its employees and helps employees to navigate and report workplace transgressions.

A safer workplace

Whether it’s sexual harassment, discrimination, aggression or bullying, a professional organization will have none of it. The Report App helps to clearly state your company’s policies regarding workplace interactions and how it deals with (presumed) transgressions. 


Inspiring stories to address the issue

Moving stories have a greater impact than merely stating the facts. The app includes a series of videos to address the impact and dilemmas caused by workplace transgressions. 


Report App empowers employees

Employees might struggle to deal with workplace transgressions. Am I overreacting? Will filing a report make things worse? Report App offers advice and counseling and lowers the threshold for reporting.


Instructional videos and advice

A series of videos addresses the different ways one can respond to workplace transgressions. 


Safe, private counseling and reporting

Employees can use the app to record transgressions, counsel either internal or external counselors, HR representatives or the labor-professional and file an official complaint if warranted.


Absolute privacy

No employee information will be shared with either the employer*, colleagues or Report App unless the employee gives his/her explicit permission to do so. 

Report App meets the same privacy standards as modern banking apps. Report App and its data center are ISO certified.
Unless it's mandatory


Anonymized data and analytics

Based on the reports, a HR counselor can generate depersonalized analysis of workplace transgressions within the organization for the annual reporting / advising management or the board of directors. This is a very qualitative risk analysis for the psychosocial workload policy.





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