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When employees are encouraged to timely report the behavior which is being experienced as unwanted, this has a positive effect on employees and the organization. For that reason it’s important that the internal and/ or external support is clearly visible and approachable. Being visible within the organization and encouraging people to approach you, involves far more than an intranet page, or a counselor's picture and telephone number at the coffee machine. 

With visibility Report App means that all employees know who the persons are they can contact, and that they have a clear picture about what they may expect from them when a report has been made. Next to that, sharing knowledge about the subject of unwanted behavior in the workplace/ workplace harassment is an important part of the visibility and encouragement to enter into a conversation about unwanted manners.

Report App ensures that internal and external support is 24/7 visible to all employees.

What else has Report App to offer:

    • Support – counselors (internal/external), labor professionals, company social workers, but also the HR department can easily share information about unwanted manners, within the Report App

    • Reports are directly visible in the personal Report dashboard of the support team member; it’s not connected and visible in existing corporate systems

    • The possibility to completely document the cases inside the Report dashboard.

    • The possibility to have an employee satisfaction survey via the app

  • Anonymized data is quick and accurately available for the annual report for the management

Why Report App?

Very simple, this tool is the basis for an effective approach when it comes to unwanted behavior in the workplace.

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