For employees

Unwanted behavior in the workplace, what does this actually mean in practice, and what do we need to know. For instance where do I go when I need assistance and what about the company’s stance? Via Report App employees are informed about all forms of unwanted behavior, their personal boundaries and the so-called grey area of workplace harassment. Videos have been developed for this app, this creates awareness on the highest level possible. The app informs about the effects of behavior which is being experienced as unwanted, created by means of storytelling.

In addition, the app gives 24/7 access to the employer’s policy and procedures. The internal and/ or external support can introduce themselves and explain what their role implies and what happens when a report is being filed about unwanted behavior. 

What more has the Report App to offer:

  • Next to the explanation of the different forms of unwanted behavior, the employee is informed about why it’s so important to report behavior which is being experienced as unwanted
  • Storytelling is used to create the highest level of awareness
  • The support team, policies and procedures are visible
  • There’s a possibility to keep a personal logbook, only accessible for the employee
  • The report can also be done by means of voice recording
  • The content is available in every language
  • Every employee has its own account which is secured with a password and pin code
  • Reporting unwanted behavior is safe and the data is transferred and saved encrypted

Why Report App?

Very simple, this tool is the basis for an effective approach when it comes to unwanted behavior in the workplace.

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