Draw a line
before it’s crossed

Report App Direct is an external report and information point for employees who experience unwanted behavior in the workplace. Are you looking for a preventive tool within your organization? Please click on employer.

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Unwanted behavior
it’s more common than you think

Every employee has a right to a safe and healthy work environment. Despite this fact, 100 million employees in Europe have to deal with integrity violations and unwanted behavior every year. We are here to support these people and provides direct access to valuable information and instruction.

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Annually 100 million people have to deal with unwanted behavior and integrity violations in the workplace.

The power of information
become more resilient

When it comes to unwanted behavior in the workplace, there is a large ‘grey area’. This ‘grey area’ differs per person, making it a complex phenomenon. Report App Direct helps you recognize what you experience as transgressive behavior through the provision of information on the different forms of unwanted behavior. With this knowledge, you are more resilient and capable of indicating personal boundaries. Next to that, support is available when needed.


Sexual Harassment

What is sexual harassment and what is meant with the grey area?


Learn how to deal with aggression and violence in different circumstances.


Acquire the skills to recognize bullying and understand how it influences the working atmosphere.


Get a better understanding of discrimination and how you and bystanders can respond.

Draw a line
prevent escalation

It can be challenging to cope with transgressive behavior and integrity issues. Am I exaggerating? Does it make the situation worse if I file a complaint? What happens after I submit my report? Report App Direct provides advice, support and gives you full control over your report. You decide who will receive your complaint. This person, selected by you from our pool of certified independent, confidential advisors, will guide you. Together, you will decide on the right course of events to bring the unpleasant situation to an end.

Key features


Get an idea of what a company policy should look like.


Identify patterns of unwanted behavior by keeping a personal log.


Familiarize yourself with our team of confidential advisors.


File an external report when you experience or witnessing any form of unwanted behavior.


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