What we value

Report App is a platform that has been active in the field of working conditions since 2015. Everything we do comes from the desire to create a work environment where employees can feel safe and work together in harmony. We guide employees and employers through the provision of information and give them the ability to start an open conversation in an early stage.

By doing this, we together prevent escalation and create a healthy, respectful and sustainable workplace that is free from unwanted behavior and integrity issues. By endorsing the Report App you make a statement that you do not tolerate such behavior. Your organization strives for a safe workplace where employees can thrive to reach their full potential.

Karin Bosman

Chief Executive Officer

Marieke Oudelaar

Chief Operating Officer

Naut Scholtens

Chief Marketing Officer

Bas Ranzijn

Master of IT Auditing

Marije van der Zouwen

Energy Management

Amber Lauwers