A safe workplace at home

Outworking due to COVID19 leads to 1500 calls a day at the Dutch Child Helpline. We see lots more articles about domestic violence because of outworking, but there are also cases where the violence was already present, before COVID19.

In respond to advice on how to prevent unwanted behavior at home (the new work environment) – not every situation can be solved with time-outs or a stroll, and everyone lives in a big apartment so everyone has its own room (workplace). Also now, or especially now the duty of care of the employer counts to take care of a safe work environment. Employer should inform every employee with the Report App about its own policy and the general virus policy.

In addition, the employee can also file a report about unwanted behavior in the outworking situation so escalation can be prevented. The reports can, for instance, be taken care of by a social worker of the Health and Safety Service. This is just an example, via a simple menu, internal or external support can be provided. The app is offered free for the first months to every organization. Draw a line before it’s crossed, and contact us now at team@report-app.com